Woodmoor Elementary
12225 NE 160th Street, Bothell, WA 98011
Front desk school number: (425) 408-5600

PTSA Board Members and Committees

Executive Board - Attend Executive and General Meetings
Elenetza K-Hall President elenetza@gmail.com
Ember Fry VP of General Ed emberafry@gmail.com
OPEN 2017-2018 VP of Fundraising  
Adam Laibson Treasurer  
OPEN 2017-2018 Co-Treasurer  
Kathleen Habliston Secretary kathleen.habliston@gmail.com
Cynthia Allyn Membership  wm.vpmembership@gmail.com
Board of Directors - Year Round Committee/Attends General Meetings
  ASB Representative  
Marola Kramer EAP Representative marolak@msn.com
Sarah Austin FSA Representative tonyandsarah@comcast.net
Alaina Johnson FSA Co-Representative johnsonosx@comcast.net
Elizabeth Meza Natural Leader Representative emeza@nsd.org
Caroline Lupien PACE Representative carolupien@hotmail.com
Ember Fry Emergency Preparedness emberafry@gmail.com
OPEN 2017-2018 Co-Chair Emergency Preparedness  
Sandy Hayes Legislative Action sandyrhayes@gmail.com
OPEN 2017-2018 Co-Legislative Action  
Kari Stokes Social Services kstokes@nsd.org
Mari Swift Communications Editor woodmoorptsanews@gmail.com
Mikyung Gioanni Website/Technology Administrator mikyungf@yahoo.com
Cynthia Allyn Website/Technology Co-Administrator cynthia.allyn@gmail.com 
Standing and Ad Hoc Committees - One Time or Infrequent Activities/Attends General Meetings when needed
Laura Templeton Art Docent lauratempleton@live.com
Sarah Austin BINGO/Game Night tonyandsarah@comcast.net
Julia Laibson BINGO/Game Night Co-Lead  
Lori Lee Box Top Coordinator lorialee@gmail.com
OPEN 2017-2018 Breakfast Club  
OPEN 2017-2018 Budget Committee  
OPEN 2017-2018 Carnival (Odd year event)  
OPEN 2017-2018 Carnival Co-Chair  
Rhoda Estioco After School Clubs Coordinator rhodaestioco@comcast.net
LiAnn Venegas (after hour) Art Program wahine4real@yahoo.com
Rhoda Estioco (after hour) Bricks4Kidz rhodaestioco@comcast.net
OPEN 2018-2019 Children's Day (Even year event)  
Sarah Aksan Multi-Cultural Night saksan@nsd.org
Elenetza K-Hall Directory  
Monica Kramer 5th Grade Liaison monica0884@icloud.com
OPEN 2017-2018 5th Grade Co-Liaison  
OPEN 2017-2018 Financial Review  
OPEN 2017-2018 Golden Acorn  
OPEN 2017-2018 Hospitality  
Jenny Taylor Missoula Children's Theatre jtaylor.pnp@gmail.com
Katie Gietzen Missoula Children's Theatre Co-Lead  
Mari Swift, Kristin Saladin, Michelle Champley Nominating Committee  
Kimberly Ellertson NSF Ambassadors (grants) kimellertson@hotmail.com
Sarah Newton NSF Ambassadors Co-Chair sarahwenk@hotmail.com
OPEN 2017-2018 Outstanding Educator  
OPEN 2017-2018 Outstanding Advocate  
OPEN 2017-2018 Parent Education  
Rachel Foldvik Popcorn Friday  rfoldvik@frontier.com
Mary Anderson Popcorn Friday Co-Lead  mbkreifeldt@msn.com
OPEN 2017-2018 Reflections (4th/5th Grades)  
Sean Taylor Science Docent/Science Fair seanvig@gmail.com
Caroline Lupien Co-Lead Science Fair carolupien@hotmail.com
Monica Kramer Student Store monica0884@icloud.com
Chen Xu Student Store Co-Lead njxuchen@hotmail.com
Mari Swift Staff Appreciation Coordinator meswift@hotmail.com
Karin Potter Spirit Wear karin.potter@gmail.com
OPEN 2017-2018 Sunshine (works with Social Services Rep)  
OPEN 2017-2018 Dolphin Dash Celebration  
Christina Pierce Volunteer Coordinator woodmoorvolunteers@gmail.com
Elenetza K-Hall Welcome Back Events (4)  
Amanda Headley Yearbook balla412@gmail.com
Woodmoor Staff Representatives
Ebony Harvey Administrative Representative  
Caroline Chastain Staff Representative cchastain@nsd.org
OPEN 2017-2018 Staff Representative FSA  
Kate Mercury PACE Chair 2017-2018