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Dr. Neil Kaneshiro with Woodinville Pediatrics will be joining us
on Nov. 2nd @ 7pm for a Q&A session about Covid-19,
vaccines, and keeping our young ones safe.
Please submit any questions you have for Dr. Kaneshiro 
by Oct. 26th by clicking here.
Then join us at our upcoming PTSA General Meeting on 
Tuesday, November 2nd at 7pm via Zoom.


A BIG thank you to all those who helped support our fundraiser! It was a great success! If you have not already done so, please turn in all paper order forms as soon as possible. We will get info out as soon as we have a date for pick up of local orders. Thank you!


Join the Woodmoor PTSA so we can continue to enrich and serve the Woodmoor Elementary community!

Click here to join or renew your membership today!*
You can even sponsor the membership of your favorite teacher/staff member.
*Parents/Guardians and Staff will be required to create an account or update your existing account.

We don't want cost to be a barrier to obtaining membership. Anyone can submit a request for an individual or two adult membership subsidy(subsidies). The process is very easy and always confidential. Request a Membership Subsidy here.

PTSA Membership is valid for the current school year and must be renewed each year to remain active.

Woodmoor PTSA is excited to participate in 
National PTA Reflections Art Contest 2021-2022!
This year's theme is "I Will Change The World By..."

Anyone interested can download a student entry form for their chosen project here.
Students submit their completed works of art in one, or all, of the available arts categories: Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition, Photography, Visual Arts.
For more information, visit the Reflections page on our website.
Submissions need to be turned in to their teacher no later than Nov 12th.

For questions or for help getting started please email: reflections.woodmoor@gmail.com
Parent volunteers needed for judging! Please contact Clare Brooks at reflections.woodmoor@gmail.com.

Check out Math Challenge #2, it begins Friday, 10/8, with answers due 10/20.
Visit the Math Challenge page for more information.
Parent Volunteers Needed - Open Positions for 2021-22 School Year
Are you looking for opportunities to volunteer? Would you like to make a difference to the students and staff at Woodmoor? Volunteer with the PTSA! Many roles can be done completely from your own home. Below are just a few areas we are still looking for help in:

VP of Membership* (all at-home hours)
VP of Fundraising* (2 major fundraisers a year)
Staff Appreciation Lead (about every 6 weeks)
Financial Review Team (3 volunteers needed)
Nominating Committee (3 volunteers needed - should be named in November)
roles with * = Executive Board roles
Click here for a list with more information.
For detailed descriptions of the Executive Board (elected officer positions) click here.
Email questions to WoodmoorPTSAChair@gmail.com.

Parents/Guardians/Family Members/Community Members:

Woodmoor Elementary is excited to welcome volunteers back to campus this year in support of our staff and students. All volunteers in the Northshore School District are able to complete their volunteer application and background check online. Family members of students and community members who volunteer at more than one school will only need to complete the application once a year. Volunteers can learn more and complete an online application here. Follow the Application Process (School and District Volunteers), filling out Steps 1-4.

Once you are approved, you and your classroom teacher will be notified by the Woodmoor Office.