Each year, our Woodmoor PTSA gives Awards to people who have provided exemplary volunteer service to children and youth in our school community. The Golden Acorn, Outstanding Educator, and Outstanding Advocate Awards are very special and are given for continued and dedicated service.  This is an excellent way to honor PTSA members and teachers for their contributions to this association.  The recipient is given a special certificate. We also contribute $50.00 in the person’s name to the Washington State PTA Financial Grant Program.  This program provides grants each year to Washington state high school graduates entering their freshman year at a college, university, or vocational school of their choice. 
The entire Woodmoor community is invited to participate in the selection of our award recipients through your recommendations. The nomination period is usually held from mid-January to the end of March.  The PTSA Awards Committee is mandated to make the final selection of Woodmoor parents and staff members who will be honored. The PTSA Awards are usually given at the Volunteer Appreciation event in May.


2022-2023 Honorees

Golden Acorn Awards: Jill Benoit, Jennifer Homes, and Amy Robinson

Each year, Golden Acorn Awards are presented by the Woodmoor PTSA to volunteers in recognition of their dedication and service to the children and youth of Woodmoor Elementary and our greater community.  A contribution in the name of each recipient is made by Woodmoor PTSA to the Washington State PTA (WSPTA) Scholarship Program.  From these contributions, WSPTA provide grants to freshman students entering post-secondary education.

Outstanding Educator Awards: Ann Delano, Nycole Swearingen, and Evelyn Romero Perez

This award recognizes individuals who have provided outstanding educational opportunities for children and youth that are beyond the normal scope of their jobs.  

Past Honorees

Woodmoor Elementary PTSA Golden Acorn

1992-1993: Gretchen Garth, Steve Wharton, Renee Colleran, Joanne MacKintosh

1993-1994: Susan Pilawski, Thorey Natale, Sharon Potts

1994-1995: Terri Means, Joyce Axlen, Judy Gay

1995-1996: Sue Hanson, Kathy Lawson, Beth (Rosie) Rosenzweig

1996-1997: Barbara Kulesa, Debbie Rannfeldt, Blake Puckett, Patty Terai, Shirley Waner

1997-1998: Beth Nelson, Barb Johnson, Rose Tom

1998-1999: Mary Torbenson, Sandy Laurence, Kathy Peyton, Royal Hanson, Carole Stusinski

1999-2000: Jodi Burkland, Cindy Kiefer, Tyera Roberts, Joan Willingham

2000-2001: Nikki Sharnbroich, Patti Bagnall, Norla Smith, Jacquie Bostwick

2001-2002: Betty Fredeen, Dr. Jack Bigelow, Jane Speed, Michelle Speed, Teresa Hansen

2002-2003: Rebecca Morehouse, Susan Nakatsu, Laura Peasley, Tasha Withers

2003-2004: Pam Ford, Susanna Henry, Crystal Lee, Shannan Savage

2004-2005: Richard Anderson, David Lee, Lisa Visse, Karen Carpenter, Carol Mortimore

2005-2006: Linda Gilmore, Vicki Harrington, Sara Hayashi, Jon Hedin, Cam Varney

2006-2007: Susan Schilling, Colleen Willis, Paul Campbell, Nora Atkinson, Dana Nystrom, Mark Boehm

2007-2008: Edie Lie, Mary Anne Kobylka, Alexis Krogh, Katrina Meiusi

2008-2009: Veronica Bernabe, Andrea Congdon, Cathy Draper, Betsy Leahy, Judy Nelson

2009-2010: Jennifer Stiebeling, Suzy Youmans, Robbi Reed, Lisa Magennis

2010-2011: Kitty McClaire, Karina Duchastel, Karen McGee

2011-2012: Christine Carrol, Richard Kobylka, Laurie Rector

2012-2013: Ember Fry, Jen Goodner, Kari Groves

2013-2014: Judy Bakshi, Stacy Dixey, Sintia Nevarez

2014-2015: Jenifer Anhar, Alison Brownlee, Mollie Kersavage

2015-2016: Julie Hakamada, Jen Carlston, Casey Stark, Jen McInerney, Alejandra Correa

2016-2017: Kristin Saladin, Mari Swift, Michelle Champley, Christy Chang, Lisa Barrios

2017-2018: Sarah Austin, Caroline Lupien, Ember Fry

2018-2019: Elenetza Kontonasakis-Hall, Jenny Taylor, Rhoda Estioco

2019-2020: Doug Byker, Julia Laibson, Mari Swift

2020-2021: Jen Thompson, Rachel Foldvik, Mary Anderson

2021-2022: Caroline Lupien, Christina Pierce, Jen Rostrom

2022-2023: Jill Benoit, Jennifer Homes, Amy Robinson


Woodmoor Elementary PTSA Outstanding Educator

2009-2010:Elizabeth Meza

2010-2011: Sarah Aksan, Sue Watkins

2011-2012: Susan Hadreas, Deanna Knight, Linda Peterson

2012-2013: Jon Hedin, Kathy Strawn, Cam Varney

2013-2014: Keira Anderson, Jani Gatter, Masumi Rinaldi

2014-2015: Steve VanderHijde, Susan Hadreas

2015-2016: Kari Stokes, Caroline Chastain, Renee Colleran

2016-2017: Denise Cordova, Peggy Shaw, Jenny Woods

2017-2018: Renee Colleran

2018-2019: Polly Collins, Debbie Phipps, Scott Taylor

2019-2020: Robin Friend, Kathy Lawson, Barbie Russo

2020-2021: Latisha Joseph, Ginny Allemann, Troy Johnson

2021-2022: Zina Card, Laura Peasley, Mary Rawlins

2022-2023: Ann Delano, Nycole Swearingen, Evelyn Romero Perez


Woodmoor Elementary PTSA Outstanding Advocate

2013-2014: Sandy Hayes

2014-2015: Elizabeth Meza

2015-2016: Thorey Natale, Angela Kerr

2016-2017: Juliana Prather, Kim Knuth

2017-2018: Alaina Johnson

2018-2019: Lori Egan, Xochitl Henriquez

2019-2020: Rebecca Morehouse

2020-2021: Caroline Chastain

2021-2022: Brandon Bermudez

2022-2023: Kim Skrla