Parent Volunteers Needed - Open Board & Committee Positions for 2021-22

Are you looking for opportunities to volunteer? Would you like to make a difference to the students and staff at Woodmoor? Volunteer with the PTSA! Many roles can be done completely from your own home. Below are just a few areas we are still looking for help in:

VP of Membership (all at-home hours)
VP of Fundraising (2 major fundraisers a year)
Staff Appreciation Lead (about every 6 weeks)
Nominating Committee (3 volunteers needed - should be named in November)
Click here for a list with more information.
For detailed descriptions of the Executive Board (elected officer positions) click here.
Email questions to

Art Docents Needed

What is an art docent? A school volunteer who teaches a subject that kids really enjoy – art! Woodmoor has a team of dedicated volunteers who make sure students receive an arts education, in addition to the standard curriculum, by teaching an art lesson once a month. Becoming an art docent is easy, requires a small-time commitment and no previous experience is necessary.
  • Not an artist? No problem. The students are the ones making the art.
  • Not a teacher? We’ve got you covered. You can choose from a dozen prepared lessons plans and projects. And, we will have training for all new art docents, so you know how to prepare and what to expect.
  • No free time? Don’t worry, about 1 1/2 hours a month is all it takes. Art docents teach once a month, and the lessons usually last 30-60 minutes.
The kids love art time and will be excited to see you walk in the classroom. And you’ll be surprised how fun it is to help the kids create masterpieces. We hope  you become the newest art docent!
If you are interested or have questions, contact: Jill Benoit    
Don’t forget to fill out the Volunteer Application and submit proof of Covid vaccination.
In order to assist with contract tracing, all volunteering must be prearranged with your classroom teacher.