We live in an area that is at risk for a natural disaster, such as a major earthquake.  If a regional disaster were to occur, it is estimated that due to damage to our region’s infrastructure only one half of Woodmoor’s students would be able to go home the first day, and it could take several more days for the remaining students to get home. 

The PTSA is committed to making sure we have supplies to be able to care for our children and the Woodmoor staff, since a regional disaster could happen at any time. By combining resources from all families at Woodmoor, the committee is able to purchase items in bulk at a significant cost savings.


What will the Woodmoor PTSA Emergency Preparedness Committee purchase with your donation?

With your donation, we will purchase food, water, light sticks, hand warmers, first aid supplies and other basic emergency supplies. We maintain the supplies in the emergency backpacks in each classroom. Remember, there is a continual need to purchase additional basic supplies to replace expired items.

We suggest a donation of $5 per student to help provide needed items. Additional donations are very welcome. Please check—this donation may be eligible for matching funds from your employer. Click on the link below to conveniently donate online.

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Questions? woodmoorptsachair@gmail.com 


Emergency Preparedness at Home