PTSA Board Members and Committee Chairs

2023-2024 School Year


Anda Carter-Palmore, Co-President/Chair      

I’m Anda and this is my second year on the PTSA board and I am grateful to be a Woodmoor Elementary family.

I have 4th and 5th grade students at Woodmoor. I also have an 8th grader at Northshore Middle School.

I am an education super-fan and I look forward to being a support to parents, students and staff this year. I am passionate about building a strong community within our school by helping parents to be involved and informed.

Creating opportunities and an environment for our children to thrive is why I am proud to serve this year.

                         Dan McNerney, Co-President/Chair

I am Dan, this is my first year on the board and I have a daughter in the 5th grade at Woodmoor. However I have been in the Woodmoor community for along time, as my wife teaches here and my son is now at Inglemoor.

I decided to join the board as I wanted to give back to the school for my families last school year here and help out in as many ways possible. Hoping to encourage education, community growth and fun as we have a great group of staff, families and especially students!

Here’s to the start of a great year of growth for everyone in our Woodmoor Community! 

                                          Anna Steele, VP of Membership

My kiddos will be in 4th and 1st grade this year.

In our spare time we love biking, playing with our dog, and visiting family in Bellingham.

I enjoy being part of Woodmoor's PTSA because it offers students, families, staff & faculty the support they need to thrive. As well as meeting new families and building our school's sense of community.

Alexis Schnur, Communications Editor & Website Administrator 

I am Alexis and this is my first year on the Wooodmoor board.  I have a first grader and participated as a volunteer last year.

I decided to join the board because I have always been passionate about building community & providing opportunities to children. 

With a background in social work, joining the board has given me the opportunity to put those passions to good use! This website, the PTSA newsletter, and the PTSA Facebook page are all part of my focus in the Woodmoor community.


Amy Robinson, Secretary 

I have a preschooler, 2nd grader and 4th grader at Woodmoor. 

I remember when my oldest was getting ready for kindergarten, how worried I was with her being so small at such a big school. But after starting at Woodmoor, I realized how much the school does to make it less daunting and let you be a part of the community and PTSA was a big part of that too.

Growing up with a mom as a teacher, I spent a lot of time at schools helping out in classrooms and getting a look behind the scenes. I don’t have the grace, patience and talent it takes to be a teacher but I hope to be able to help support the teachers, school and students as much as I can while we’re a part of the Woodmoor community.

Dameon Pierce, Treasurer

This is my second year on the board as Treasurer.  My wife Christina was on the board as VP of Programs for two years prior and committees prior to that. 

We have been a part of the Woodmoor community for 8 years with our son now at Northshore Jr and our daughter in 2nd grade.  

With my previous experience in business and HOA board positions I have been able to provide by bookkeeping skills to the Treasurer position and work on accounting and budgeting.  I am also active with a local HOA and a coach for Northshore Soccer.  

I enjoy meeting and working with all of the wonderful parents and students at Woodmoor and my goal is to complete a lot of the regulatory business needs of the PTSA so that we can focus on the fun activities! 

A healthy and sustainable PTSA is needed to keep this going for decades to come.  


If you are interested in learning more about any of our open roles, please contact Anda Carter-Palmore & Dan McNerney at

Executive Board/Elected Officers


Anda Carter-Palmore

Dan McNerney


Amy Robinson


Dameon Pierce

VP of Fundraising

OPEN 2023-2024


VP of Membership

Anna Steele

VP of Programs

Katie Meadows 

Board of Directors

SpEd Representative

Angela McNerney

Co-SpEd Representative

OPEN 2023-2024


Natural Leader Representative

OPEN 2023-2024


PACE Liaison

Emily Borries

Emergency Preparedness Chair

Christina Schwartz will forward as needed.

Emergency Preparedness Co-Chair

OPEN 2023-2024


Legislative Action

Sandy Hayes

Co-Legislative Action

OPEN 2023-2024


Volunteer Coordinator

Yelena Bally

Social Services

Amy Robinson

Communications Editor

Alexis Schnur

Website Administrator

Alexis Schnur

Woodmoor Staff Representatives

Administrative Representative

Nancy Johnson

Staff & ASB Representative

Catlyn Caldart


Standing and Ad Hoc Committees

5th Grade Liasoion

OPEN 2023-2024


Art Docents

Jill Benoit & Allison Myers

BINGO/Game Night

OPEN 2023-2024


Box Top Coordinator

Jen Rostrom

Dolphin Dash Lead

OPEN 2023-2024


Dolphin Dash Committee

OPEN 2023-2024


Math Challenge

Kathryn Jetton

Missoula Children's Theatre

Anda Carter-Palmore

Missoula Children's Theatre Co-Lead

OPEN 2023-2024


Multi-Cultural Night

Sarah Aksan

Multi-Cultural Night PTSA Lead

OPEN 2023-2024


NSF Ambassadors (grants)

OPEN 2023-2024


NSF Ambassadors Co-Chair

OPEN 2023-2024


Nominating Committee (3)

OPEN 2023-2024


PACE Chair 2023-2024

Ashley Gillen

Parent Education

OPEN 2023-2024


Popcorn Friday

Mary Anderson

Reflections Chair

OPEN 2023-2024


Science Fair Lead

OPEN 2023-2024


Science Fair Co-Lead

OPEN 2023-2024


Spirit Wear

Jen Rostrom

Staff Appreciation Coordinator

Jen Rostrom

Staff Appreciation Committee

OPEN 2023-2024


Year End Celebration/Carnival

OPEN 2023-2024


Year End Celebration/Carnival Committee

OPEN 2023-2024


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