Our PTSA is excited to bring back the Math Challenge for 2021-2022!

Math Challenge provided by https://www.mathinaction.org/woodmoor-elementary.html
The Math Challenge is free to participate for all Woodmoor Elementary students. Problems will be available online per schedule listed. There will be 15 challenges throughout the school year. Challenges consist of 10-18 problems ordered by level of difficulty, allowing students from all grades to participate. Each challenge will be available for one week then submitted online.
For questions or help on any of the problems, email WoodmoorMath@hotmail.com or post to the Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/134987802100068.
One random winner per grade will be selected from those who submit their completed Challenges. Each participant completing 12 Challenges during this year’s program will receive a recognition certificate in June 2022.

Math Challenge #2 begins Friday, 10/8, with answers due 10/20.
View Math Challenge #2 here!
Printed off papers with the student's answers can be turned into the baskets in the pods or answers can be emailed to WoodmoorMath@hotmail.com by Oct. 20th
Solutions available on 10/22.

Still have questions? Email us at WoodmoorMath@hotmail.com
Thank you – we look forward to a great year of fun math!