"Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!"
A Discussion about Worry & Anxiety in Children 

Thursday, October 15th @ 7:00PM
Woodmoor PTSA is excited to host a parent-ed night with Adam Taylor, Woodmoors' full-time school counselor.  He will be discussing the different worries and anxieties our children are currently facing. 
If you have any specific requests/questions, submit them here and he will do his best to cover them that night.

Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 812 2630 6505
Passcode: ParentEd!

An intro from Adam Taylor about the event. 


 A Parent Education Event put on by Northshore Council PTSA & Kenmore Elementary PTA Presents: 

"Parenting On The Same Page"

Wednesday, October 21st 6:30-8:00pm

Guest Speakers, Kira Dorrian and Deana Thayer, co-founders of Future Focused Parenting, aim to support parents and caregivers doing the best they can to create a safe loving environment for their children, where everyone works together as a team. 

This presentation is for any parent or caregiver that wants to thrive rather than just survive throughout their parenting journey. This session helps families get on the same page with their parenting partner or other adults in their children’s lives. Learn strategies for communication, preparing for parenting curveballs, and how to parent with unity even when you disagree. Presentation includes a Q&A for attendees.

Talking points of this presentation include:
  • Operate as a team, even when you disagree
  • Parent together from a strong set of values
  • Work cohesively to support one another and your children in these unprecedented times
  • Model parental unity as partners, co-parents, or single parents
  • Avoid accidentally undermining your parenting partner
  • Find ways to meet each other’s needs so that your own emotional buckets are full
  • Plan and prepare for new issues you may see coming down the pipeline

Register to attend at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/parenting-on-the-same-page-registration-123364748283
Zoom link will be emailed to those who have registered before the event.

?Note: A Spanish translator will be available during the presentation. Email mayna@closetfly.com if you would like to utilize this service so we can connect you with the translator before the presentation begins, or if you would like to request translation in another language.





Acompañenos por Zoom para nuestro primer evento de KEPTA Parent Education, organizado junto con Northshore Council PTSA! Nuestros oradores invitados desean apoyar a padres y guardianes que quieren crear un ambiente seguro y cariñoso para sus hijos, en el cual todos trabajan como un equipo unido.
Parenting on the Same Page (Criando Niños Juntos)
Miercoles, el 21 de Octubre de 6:30pm a 8:00pm (incluyendo preguntas y respuestas)
Antes del evento, conozcan a nuestros oradores: Kira Dorrian, CHt, HBCE y Deana Thayer, M.Ed.
El enlace de Zoom se enviará antes del evento. Un traductor de español estará presente durante el evento. Por favor envíe un correo electronico antes del evento si le gustaría estar asignado al traductor para el evento. Si su PTA está interesada en compartir con su comunidad la grabación de esta presentación, por favor comuníquese con este correo electrónico para obtener una licencia. 





This event is co-sponsored by Northshore Council PTSA and Kenmore Elementary PTA.