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Woodmoor PTSA Membership--PTA For Your Child


Welcome back Woodmoor families, teachers, staff and community members!

As you have noticed, this year looks completely different than others. We, your Woodmoor PTSA, are working hard and are here for you this year. While we are not physically around the school to take your sign up forms for PTSA membership, we ask you to join/renew online, and consider a sponsorship of a teacher/staff member or donate towards a membership.

Cost: $15 per adult or $25 for two adults, $15 to sponsor a teacher/staff member, or any amount donated to award a scholarship is appreciated.

**Because of COVID-19, we have waived the online fees associated with purchase as of 09/02/2020.

Who can join: Parents, guardians, grandparents, teachers, staff, alumni, community members, and all living persons that have a connection to Woodmoor Elementary.

When: August 2020 through June 2021

PTSA Membership does so much to help our kids and staff, plus there are member benefits and discounts you can check out here, which are updated often.


We encourage every family in the school to become a PTSA member to support the success of their child. We want a diverse membership base that reflects all of the families and needs of students at the school. PTSA strengthens connections between your family, your child’s classmates, and their families and teachers to build a thriving and inclusive community for everyone.

PTSA membership and dues support your child by funding essential educational and curriculum needs; advocating on behalf of children and educators at the local, state, and national levels; and building an inclusive school community for all families. We invite you to join PTSA for your child because increasing our membership, even by one, makes it possible to provide important educational resources, speak up on important issues and create a stronger school community. There is no wrong or right way to be involved—anything you can give, whether it’s time or money, will support your child’s potential.


**In order for Woodmoor PTSA to remain in good standing, we must have 25 members signed up by October 31, 2020.