We're Not Just the Woodmoor PTSA

If you're a member of the Woodmoor PTSA, you're also a member of something much, much greater -- you're also a member of Washington state's largest volunteer organization -- the Washington State PTA -- as well as the National PTA.  The National PTA got its start more than a century ago, and its purpose and goals are still relevant today...which is exactly why Woodmoor has a PTSA!

Here's how it all started...

In 1897, a group of moms (and a few dads) convened in Washington, D.C. and organized the National Congress of Mothers with the explicit goal of making life better for children. Two founding names you should know here are Alice Birney and Phoebe Hearst, two A-list volunteers for sure!

The National Congress of Mothers morphs into the Parent Teacher Association, or PTA (we are a PTSA – the ‘S’ being Students and it’s essentially the same thing) and goes on to make a marked difference in the lives of children.  Things like the creation of kindergarten classes, child labor laws, hot lunch programs and a juvenile justice system.  Not too shabby!

Fast forward to 1905, when Abby Williams Hill of Tacoma formed what is now the Washington State PTA.  Today, with more than 138,000 volunteers, the WSPTA is the largest volunteer organization in the state.

Here are just a few impressive achievements of the Washington State PTA: The WSPTA coined the term “preschool” and supported parents in raising their toddlers; began medical “round ups” to ensure the health of our kids before the “well child check” even existed; and - here’s a fun one – took care of the kids when women went back to work during WW2. 

Volunteers at local, state and national levels are trained, supported and encouraged in all that they do, from working in the classrooms to advocating for children’s rights in local and national government. Quite a powerful group, aren’t we? Yes, WE are the Woodmoor PTSA, but we're not JUST the Woodmoor PTSA.  Keep up the great work volunteers!

And thank YOU for supporting the PTA/PTSA network by being a member!